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Landscape Management

Spring and Fall Mulch


Mulching serves as a weed barrier as It blocks light and suffocates weeds.  In addition it provides cover in the frigid winter months and it keeps your floral areas healthy in the dry months while maintaining moisture. 


Up to three inches will be spread in beds and around tree rings, unless requested other wise.  Mulch is available in Black, Brown, and Red.  You will also have the option that ranges from basic to premium grade.  Price will vary dependent on preference.

Leaf Removal


Fallen leaves can reduce moisture and the amount of sunlight that your lawn would need to survive the winter months.  In addition, allowing leaves to accumulate and smother your grass through out the winter can lead to dead patches in the spring.  We remove leaves from grassy areas and beds to prevent damage and to keep your lawn looking green.  If necessary, leaves can be cleared multiple times in the fall season.


  • When leaves start falling in heavy concentrations, they are gathered together by means of blowers and rakes, then carried off and delivered to a recycle company for disposal.

  • Lightly covered lawns will be mowed and leaves will be finely diced and spread out during routine visits.

Gutter Cleaning


Cleaning out your gutters will help carry rainwater from areas of your roof, to prevent leaks and mold buildup.  This not only can potentially leak inside your home, but can cause damage to your shingles in the winter months.  We focus on:


  • Cleaning the interior tracks of the gutters and downspouts

  • Check the proper water flow throughout gutters and downspouts

  • Remove all debris from gutters to a recycled company for disposal



Hedge and Trimming


It is vital to the life of your landscape to Hedge and Trim when they start to grow out of control.  It also is important for their presentation.  Overgrown shrubs contribute to an un-kept yard.  By hedging it forces new thicker growth that will help against season change.

Premium Mulch
Leaf Removal
Gutter Cleaning
Bush Hedging

Gutter cleanings are recommended to be done annually or biannually dependent on the amount of trees near your home.


Do you have Gutter Guards?  So did this home.  Over time even your guards can't out last the brutal weather changes that the Indianapolis area endures.  Check out this short video to see why it is vital to your home for regular maintenance;

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