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Indy Lawn Maintenance is a premier company that is committed to producing and supplying the highest quality service to the city of Indianapolis.  We have built a team of professionals that allows us to be big enough to handle all of your lawn Maintenance needs, while still being small enough to maintain client relations.  In addition we offer services in many different areas such as Lawn Care, Landscaping, Weed Control, Tree Services, as well as restoration.

We are excited to meet with you to discuss any service or projects that you are in need of assistance.  From restoring, installing, or maintaining, you can ensure that Indy Lawn Maintenance will provide you with,


"Dependability you can count on"


"Quality You Deserve"

About Us

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Through Incentives and partnerships we empower each of our employees to go above and beyond what is necessary to satisfy each and every one of our customers.  Our dedicated staff works one on one with each individual client to ensure their expectations are meet and that a long lasting relationship is built and maintained.


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